Frequently Asked Questions on Chedda

  1. What is Chedda all about

Chedda is a digital platform that provides Banking services to power your growth, it’s currently available on a chat platform as a Banking service that is powered by Support MFB, which is a licensed financial institution by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

  1. How do I get a Chedda account

Simply log into to get a free account

  1. What do I need to get a Chedda account

Your phone number, your BVN details and any smartphone or laptop that is enabled for internet services

  1. Why do I need to provide my BVN

Your BVN is needed as a regulatory requirement to any Banking services in Nigeria today and access any form of financial services

  1. Upgrade of account and KYC

Your KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation requires that you upgrade your account by doing a liveliness check (which is taking a live video of your self smiling), this will be verified, after which your limit of transaction can be increased and you can get access to more services on Chedda

  1. What are the services on Chedda

The following services and offerings are available on Chedda today

o   Buy airtime (Self and third party)

o   Send money to any listed Nigerian commercial Bank for free

o   Check Balance

o   Loan services


  1. Why do I have my Chedda loan request coming as Migo loan

The digital backend loan processing of Chedda is powered by Migo money, as such you will get some of your notification and repayment services coming from Migo notification

  1. Can I qualify for a loan, once I onboard or register on Chedda

You will not be able to get a loan immediately you onboard or register on Chedda. Chedda takes into cognizance your transaction history and profiles you based on the level of consistency of usage for her services such as airtime purchases, send money, wallet funding etc

  1. Can I save funds or use my Chedda account  to receive money from third parties

Yes, you can save funds on your Chedda account. Upon registration, a 10 digit NUBAN a wallet count number will be allocated you, which you can use to save or receive from third parties 

  1. How do I know the amount am qualified to get as loan on Chedda

Upon completion of your registration processes, you will be advised your loan limit as the prequalified credit and the consistency of the transactions on Chedda further increases the amount that can be made available as loan to you

  1. How do I repay my loan on Chedda

You can repay your loan by tapping on the repay loan button on the chat application and various option will be made available to you to choose a most convenient option

  1. Is there any benefit to repayment my loan earlier than the due date advise on the offer

Yes, there is lots of benefits, some of which are building a stronger credit profile, increase in the loan amount you can collect etc

  1. How long will it take me to get a the loan, upon request from Chedda

Once you are qualified and accepted the terms of offer, which is available while chatting on Chedda, your wallet will be credited within a minute.

  1. Why is my loan repayment option coming as Migo account, instead of Chedda that gave me the loan

The Chedda loan processing is powered by Migo money, which was stated when the loan was given, as such the repayment will follow the same processing route, which is from However, be rest assured that your repayment will always be duly captured and your record properly reconciled.

  1. If I have any challenge regarding any issue on Chedda, how do I address it

We have a “get help” icon on the chat and you can be rest assured our customer service representatives will get across you and resolve the issues within 6 hours, so far as the issues are within the Chedda,

  1. Can I visit Support MFB for my complaints or issues if I have any regarding Chedda

Yes, you can visit Support MFB office and someone will guide you appropriately.